On-site installation activities

CMC installs its plant systems across Europe with at its disposal:

  • Necessary staff for the management;
  • On-site technical office in close and constant liaison with the main headquarters;
  • Staff for operations;
  • Necessary transport and lifting vehicles.

The installation works are supplied complete of all necessary activities as specifically as requested by the customer.

CMC is able to perform insulation activities for tanks in plant systems, to deliver necessary certified scaffolding structures, to perform electrical work and specific activities for the flushing of high performance hydraulic systems.

Mobile service facilities – offices – canteen – toilets which make CMC completely self-sufficient.

Installazioni on site


  • Design CMC’s technical department consists of engineers and technicians who design plants of any size.

  • Each component is built according to the technical specifications of the related CMC- order with appropriate treatments such as annealing and paint coating.

  • CMC installs its plant systems across Europe with at its disposal necessary staff for the management.

  • CMC performs on new and existing plants all maintenance activities in order to guarantee the durability of the plant under conditions of high efficiency.

  • We guarantee that the plant can be started without problems related to the contamination of the operating fluid.