Design CMC’s technical department consists of engineers and technicians who design plants of any size.
Its main tasks are:

  • Feasibility studies: the various feasibility studies are drawn up jointly with the customer. there is a synergistic discussion between cmc technicians and the customer's technicians in which the specific experience of both serve as guidelines for the realisation of the project;
  • Surveys on field: the plants subject to intervention are surveyed with high precision. Surveys are carried out by appropriately trained technicians who follow a certified procedure that ensures that the actual condition of existing installations is reproduced on CMC’s 3D-programmes;
  • Detailed planning and engineering: all the plants are designed by technicians who have the necessary experience and KNOW-HOW in order to develop the plants, which take into account the current regulations of the country where the installation is requested. All the needs of the users and maintenance technicians are taken into account by designing the project in such a way that the necessary spaces for maintenance operations are obtained, so that it is possible to intervene in remote mode - by diverting when necessary to additional lines – and in such a way that is possible through a suited setup to dismantle the parts of a plant that require maintenance and replace them with spare parts, so that the related shut-down period is minimized or not necessary at all;
  • Assembly planning and engineering: assembly engineering is carried out by technicians with long experience and is closely linked to detail engineering, both of which are often carried out simultaneously. Surveys and 3D simulations guarantee that all on-site operations are performed as quickly and as safely as possible. All necessary technical means and all markings are prepared to make the on-site assembly activities easier.
  • Specific activities for the alignment of installations: CMC’s technicians with the use of modern technologies carry out laser alignments – in order to guarantee the correct match between mechanical components (motors-gearboxes) - surveys through 3D laser scanning.
  • Specific control activities on existing installations: CMC’s technicians perform necessary controls on existing plants and check the wear state of tanks – piping – other structures through surveys with thickness gauges. By executing these activities, it is possible for CMC’s technicians to calculate the remaining lifetime of the above mentioned elements and of lift installations – overhead travelling cranes – other structures.
  • Stress analysis.
  • Analysis of production processes.


  • Design CMC’s technical department consists of engineers and technicians who design plants of any size.

  • Each component is built according to the technical specifications of the related CMC- order with appropriate treatments such as annealing and paint coating.

  • CMC installs its plant systems across Europe with at its disposal necessary staff for the management.

  • CMC performs on new and existing plants all maintenance activities in order to guarantee the durability of the plant under conditions of high efficiency.

  • We guarantee that the plant can be started without problems related to the contamination of the operating fluid.